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Published Work by Lax Coach's Wife
Marmion Lax coach Kevin Griffin's wife has chronicled his 5-year ongoing battle with cancer in a loving, heartfelt book which has been published and now is available at Please support your lacrosse community and the Colon Cancer Alliance by purchasing a copy today.

This message came from Kevin during the IHSLA Coaches Meeting on January 25, 2016:

Hello fellow coaches,

As an appreciated and fellow high school coach, I wanted to reach out and ask for your support.

As you know, I have been battling cancer for over five years. My wife Kim kept a diary of the journey we faced, and all the good, bad, and funny moments that occurred. It encouraged readers to celebrate today with random acts of kindness and to find gratitude in all things big and small. It also allows one to walk with out family through all the angst and turmoil that a cancer diagnosis brings. In the end, it's about perseverance and perspective.

Kim now has taken her work and published it as a book entitled "Love You to the Woods and Back". Purchases of the book help to support Colon Cancer Alliance as a portion of the sales goes to them.

I am humbled by my wife's incredible words, a true work from the heart and I couldn't be more proud.

Your support in purchasing a copy of Kim's book would be an incredible act of kindness as we will be donating one dollar to the Colon Cancer Alliance for every one sold. Won't you be one of many to help us spread our gratitude?

Your consideration is appreciated. Please feel free to share with friends and colleagues.

Thank you,

Kevin Griffin
Varsity Head Coach
Marmion Academy High School
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