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Award: Year:

YearConferenceSquadPositionNameTeamGrad Yr
2016Central Suburban1st TeamAttack Collin Kroll New Trier2017
2016Central Suburban1st TeamAttack Michael McFarland Glenbrook North2016
2016Central Suburban1st TeamAttack McLain Murphy Glenbrook South2016
2016Central Suburban1st TeamDefense Ryan McCudden New Trier2016
2016Central Suburban1st TeamDefense Danny McDermed New Trier2016
2016Central Suburban1st TeamDefense EJ Reynolds Glenbrook South2016
2016Central Suburban1st TeamDefensive Player of the Year Tyler Seminetta New Trier2016
2016Central Suburban1st TeamGoalie Peter Jacus New Trier2017
2016Central Suburban1st TeamLS Midfield Tyler Seminetta New Trier2016
2016Central Suburban1st TeamMidfield Colin Casas New Trier2016
2016Central Suburban1st TeamMidfield Nick Hilgendorf Glenbrook North2016
2016Central Suburban1st TeamMidfield Nick Lydon Evanston2016
2016Central Suburban1st TeamOffensive Player of the Year Nick Hilgendorf Glenbrook North2016
2016Central Suburban2nd TeamAttack Shane Forsythe Maine South2017
2016Central Suburban2nd TeamAttack Nelson Gaechter New Trier2017
2016Central Suburban2nd TeamAttack Shale Mack Deerfield2016
2016Central Suburban2nd TeamDefense Matt Schroeder Evanston2016
2016Central Suburban2nd TeamDefense Noah Sinai Deerfield2016
2016Central Suburban2nd TeamDefense Austin Smith Glenbrook North2017
2016Central Suburban2nd TeamGoalie Matt Reinberg Evanston2016
2016Central Suburban2nd TeamLS Midfield Anthony Reda Maine South2017
2016Central Suburban2nd TeamMidfield Gavin Proeh Highland Park2016
2016Central Suburban2nd TeamMidfield Sam Selati New Trier2016
2016Central Suburban2nd TeamMidfield Zack Struckman New Trier2016
2016Central SuburbanHonorable MentionAttack Logan Dowell Highland Park2017
2016Central SuburbanHonorable MentionAttack John Patterson New Trier2016
2016Central SuburbanHonorable MentionAttack Jack Spears Glenbrook South2018
2016Central SuburbanHonorable MentionDefense Chris Brander Maine South2017
2016Central SuburbanHonorable MentionDefense Nate Carleton New Trier2018
2016Central SuburbanHonorable MentionDefense Emmitt Sullivan Highland Park2016
2016Central SuburbanHonorable MentionGoalie Trevor Utter Glenbrook South2018
2016Central SuburbanHonorable MentionLS Midfield Joe Downie Evanston2017
2016Central SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Alex Ferrone Glenbrook South2017
2016Central SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Egan Guzaldo Maine South2016
2016Central SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Sam Wetzel Glenbrook North2016
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceAttack Jack Connely St. Ignatius2017
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceAttack Patrick Donahue Fenwick2016
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceAttack Patrick Flanagan Loyola Academy2016
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceAttack Ben Gorman Loyola Academy2016
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceAttack Garret Houlihan St. Laurence2017
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceAttack Myles Leyden St. Rita2017
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceAttack Tom Moehle Mt. Carmel2016
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceDefense Will Chestnut Loyola Academy2016
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceDefense Joe Faucault Mt Carmel2016
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceDefense Gavin Flynn Brother Rice2017
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceDefense Joey Hansen St. Ignatius2017
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceDefense Kyle Koch Loyola Academy2017
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceDefense Danny Lawler St. Rita2017
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceDefense Brendan Narko St. Ignatius2016
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceDefense Tim Shearer Fenwick2018
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceDefense Dean Witty St. Laurence2017
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceFace Off Paul Gliva Brother Rice2018
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceFace Off Billy Jardeleza Loyola Academy2017
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceGoalie Kevin Corbett Loyola Academy2016
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceGoalie Brendan McGuire Providence2016
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceGoalie John O'Malley St. Ignatius2016
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceLSM Richard Godsel Brother Rice2018
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceLSM Sean Lange St. Laurence2018
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceLSM Luca Lazzaretto Loyola Academy2018
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceLSM Jordan Richardson Mt. Carmel2016
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceMidfield Sean Dunn Brother Rice2016
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceMidfield Nick Healy St. Rita2018
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceMidfield Tim Martino St. Rita2017
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceMidfield Jackson Mitchell Fenwick2016
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceMidfield Mark Polchan St. Laurence2016
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceMidfield Tommy Schmitz Loyola Academy2017
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceMidfield John Staublin St. Ignatius2017
2016Chicago CatholicAll-ConferenceMidfield Aidan Sweeney St. Rita2016
2016Chicago Public Schools1st TeamAttack Ford Johnstone Lake Forest Academy2016
2016Chicago Public Schools1st TeamAttack Sampson Samuel Taft2016
2016Chicago Public Schools1st TeamAttack Owen Speth Whitney Young2017
2016Chicago Public Schools1st TeamDefense Thomas Botten Northside Prep2016
2016Chicago Public Schools1st TeamDefense Jack Eberle Whitney Young2016
2016Chicago Public Schools1st TeamDefense Thomas McCullough Taft2016
2016Chicago Public Schools1st TeamGoalie Jordan CeCe Taft2017
2016Chicago Public Schools1st TeamGoalie Joey Parker Whitney Young2016
2016Chicago Public Schools1st TeamLS Midfield Connor George Lane Tech2017
2016Chicago Public Schools1st TeamMidfield Morgan Baylor Lake Forest Academy2016
2016Chicago Public Schools1st TeamMidfield Luke Mallette Whitney Young2016
2016Chicago Public Schools1st TeamMidfield Ben Phalen Whitney Young2016
2016Chicago Public Schools2nd TeamAttack Joey Jastrzebski Taft2016
2016Chicago Public Schools2nd TeamAttack Thomas Pinel Lake Forest Academy2017
2016Chicago Public Schools2nd TeamAttack Brian Tait Lane2017
2016Chicago Public Schools2nd TeamDefense Darren Bloomfield Whitney Young2018
2016Chicago Public Schools2nd TeamDefense Nick Lin Lake Forest Academy2017
2016Chicago Public Schools2nd TeamDefense Rohan Lopez Whitney Young2018
2016Chicago Public Schools2nd TeamGoalie Dino Numanovic Mather2016
2016Chicago Public Schools2nd TeamGoalie Adam Slaber Whitney Young2017
2016Chicago Public Schools2nd TeamLS Midfield Colin Barlow Lincoln Park2017
2016Chicago Public Schools2nd TeamMidfield Peter Kritikos Northside Prep2016
2016Chicago Public Schools2nd TeamMidfield Ethan Masunaga'a Lane Tech2017
2016Chicago Public Schools2nd TeamMidfield Farukh Sarkulov Whitney Young2016
2016Chicago Public SchoolsHonorable MentionAttack Francis Castillo Mather2016
2016Chicago Public SchoolsHonorable MentionAttack Dillon Jacobson WY2016
2016Chicago Public SchoolsHonorable MentionAttack Daniel Leyva Taft2017
2016Chicago Public SchoolsHonorable MentionDefense Alesandro Almanza Taft2017
2016Chicago Public SchoolsHonorable MentionDefense Alex LeFauve WY2016
2016Chicago Public SchoolsHonorable MentionGoalie Maxwell Velasquez Lane2018
2016Chicago Public SchoolsHonorable MentionLS Midfield Ryan Bendig Taft2019
2016Chicago Public SchoolsHonorable MentionMidfield Michael Carranza Taft2018
2016Chicago Public SchoolsHonorable MentionMidfield Ryan Foley LP2019
2016Chicago Public SchoolsHonorable MentionMidfield Ryan York Taft2018
2016DuPage Valley1st TeamAttack AJ Corgiat Wheaton South2016
2016DuPage Valley1st TeamAttack Tommy Coyne Naperville Central2018
2016DuPage Valley1st TeamAttack Nick Roy Naperville Central2016
2016DuPage Valley1st TeamDefense Quinn Amato Naperville Central2017
2016DuPage Valley1st TeamDefense Jordan Crissy Naperville Central2016
2016DuPage Valley1st TeamDefense Xander Seal Waubonsie Valley2017
2016DuPage Valley1st TeamFOGO Jason McDonald Neuqua Valley2016
2016DuPage Valley1st TeamGoalie Eric Gullborg Waubonsie Valley2016
2016DuPage Valley1st TeamLS Midfield Garrett Purdy Naperville Central2016
2016DuPage Valley1st TeamMidfield Kevin Battle Naperville Central2016
2016DuPage Valley1st TeamMidfield Jack Graff Naperville Central2016
2016DuPage Valley1st TeamMidfield Cristian Torres Wheaton North2016
2016DuPage Valley2nd TeamAttack Tim Dalton Wheaton South2016
2016DuPage Valley2nd TeamAttack Colin Domek Neuqua Valley2017
2016DuPage Valley2nd TeamAttack Tommy Tillet Waubonsie Valley2017
2016DuPage Valley2nd TeamDefense Stefan Fleps Wheaton North2017
2016DuPage Valley2nd TeamDefense Luke Manning Wheaton South2016
2016DuPage Valley2nd TeamDefense Colin J. McDonald Naperville Central2017
2016DuPage Valley2nd TeamFOGO Colin McDonald Naperville Central2016
2016DuPage Valley2nd TeamGoalie Bill Young Naperville Central2017
2016DuPage Valley2nd TeamLS Midfield Nathan Sahly Wheaton North2016
2016DuPage Valley2nd TeamMidfield Joe Graf Naperville Central2016
2016DuPage Valley2nd TeamMidfield Eric Rasch Wheaton South2016
2016DuPage Valley2nd TeamMidfield Jack Trelo Neuqua Valley2018
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionAttack Connor Barker Wheaton North2016
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionAttack Jake DeMare Naperville Central2018
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionAttack Joey Edell Neuqua Valley2016
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionAttack Nick Naumoff Wheaton North2016
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionAttack Drew Stoneburner Wheaton North2018
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionAttack Sean Sullivan Naperville North2018
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionDefense Nate Minglin Waubonsie Valley2016
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionDefense Miles Rathell Neuqua Valley2018
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionDefense Conrad Tkacz Neuqua Valley2017
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionDefense Frank Zygmuntowicz Naperville North2018
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionFOGO Michael Wang Naperville Central2018
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionGoalie Logan Montrose Naperville Central2016
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionLS Midfield Nat Gianpetro Wheaton South2017
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionLS Midfield Chase Showalter Neuqua Valley2018
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionMidfield Bryce Dunlap Naperville North2016
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionMidfield Jacob Formento Neuqua Valley2017
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionMidfield Ricky Hoover Wheaton South2019
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionMidfield Brandon Metry Neuqua Valley2018
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionMidfield Boston Sherer Naperville North2016
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionMidifeld Jon Graf Waubonsie Valley2016
2016DuPage ValleyHonorable MentionMidifeld Paul Roth Naperville Central2017
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Joe Alberts Nazareth2016
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Michael Carens Saint Viator2016
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  John D'Angelo Benet2017
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Emmett Graham Carmel2016
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Collin Hall Benet2016
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Matt Herchenbach Carmel2016
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Joe Hynes Saint Viator2016
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Kevin Murphy Saint Viator2016
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Patrick Murphy Saint Viator2016
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Will O'Grady Benet2016
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  David O'Neil Marist2017
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Kyle Pearce Saint Viator2016
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Michael Peters Notre Dame2016
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  John Pickett Marian Catholic2017
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Jason Rowaiye Benet2018
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Nick Rubino Marist2019
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Peter Schmidt Saint Viator2016
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Jake Shenderovsky Carmel2017
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Jake Stepuszek Saint Viator2016
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Ryan Voth Carmel2016
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Jimmy Watson Benet2017
2016East Suburban CatholicAll-Conference  Payson Wilde Marian Central Catholic2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceAttack Matt Bertone Jacobs2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceAttack Collin Fischer Huntley2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceAttack James Huber Huntley2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceAttack Max Klinsky Crystal Lake South2018
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceAttack Tommy Martin Cary-Grove2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceAttack Evan Schwarz Jacobs2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceAttack Zack Starks Prairie Ridge2017
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceDefense Brendon Ewing Prairie Ridge2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceDefense Garrett Lisle Jacobs2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceDefense Ethan Maro Huntley2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceDefense Keith McCowan Cary-Grove2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceDefense Peyton Wood Crystal Lake Central2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceGoalie Steven Brill Hampshire2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceGoalie Frank Krupiczowicz Huntley2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceGoalie Alec Rainer Jacobs2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceGoalie Billy Rotermund Crystal Lake South2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceGoalie John Stroud Crystal Lake Central2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceLSM Derek Hogel McHenry2017
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceMidfield Logan Fleury Hampshire2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceMidfield Tyler Forney Cary-Grove2019
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceMidfield Gavin Hughes Cary-Grove2018
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceMidfield Ethan Kirchberg Prairie Ridge2019
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceMidfield Griffin Kopp Huntley2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceMidfield Jared Lund Hampshire2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceMidfield Cole Naumovski Prairie Ridge2017
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceMidfield Jonathan Reese Dundee Crown2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceMidfield Colter Russell Dundee Crown2017
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceMidfield Michael Stone Crystal Lake Central2017
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceMidfield Parker Tomlin Prairie Ridge2016
2016Fox ValleyAll-ConferenceMidfield Thomas VanAlstine McHenry2016
2016Mid-Suburban1st TeamAttack Peter Fritz Hoffman Estates2016
2016Mid-Suburban1st TeamAttack Anthony Johlie Palatine2016
2016Mid-Suburban1st TeamAttack Tyler Klima Schaumburg2016
2016Mid-Suburban1st TeamDefense Matthew Eaker Schaumburg2017
2016Mid-Suburban1st TeamDefense William Pankratz Fremd2016
2016Mid-Suburban1st TeamDefense Tim Saubert Hoffman Estates2016
2016Mid-Suburban1st TeamFOGO Kristofer Casey Barrington2018
2016Mid-Suburban1st TeamGoalie Willam Murphy Schaumburg2016
2016Mid-Suburban1st TeamMidfield Michael Anzelmo Schaumburg2017
2016Mid-Suburban1st TeamMidfield Riley Mahon Fremd2016
2016Mid-Suburban1st TeamMidfield Mitchell Stathakis Barrington2016
2016Mid-Suburban2nd TeamAttack Mark Danelz Barrington2016
2016Mid-Suburban2nd TeamAttack Michael Regan Barrington2016
2016Mid-Suburban2nd TeamAttack Michael Rizzo Conant2017
2016Mid-Suburban2nd TeamDefense Kevin Kubinski Schaumburg2017
2016Mid-Suburban2nd TeamDefense Trevor Razo Fremd2016
2016Mid-Suburban2nd TeamDefense Sean Yakes Schaumburg2016
2016Mid-Suburban2nd TeamGoalie Garrison Rose Conant2016
2016Mid-Suburban2nd TeamLS Midfield Nick French Barrington2017
2016Mid-Suburban2nd TeamMidfield Austin Anzelmo Schaumburg2017
2016Mid-Suburban2nd TeamMidfield Nick Divizio Fremd2016
2016Mid-Suburban2nd TeamMidfield Keegan Pierce Hoffman Estates2016
2016Mid-SuburbanHonorable MentionAttack Anthony Haaland Schaumburg2016
2016Mid-SuburbanHonorable MentionDefense Ryan Howson Hoffman Estates2016
2016Mid-SuburbanHonorable MentionDefense Ethan Small Barrington2016
2016Mid-SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Jacob Chang Conant2017
2016Mid-SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Cole Nielsen Fremd2016
2016North Suburban1st TeamAttack Noah Moderwell Libertyville2016
2016North Suburban1st TeamAttack Griffin Patton Grayslake North2017
2016North Suburban1st TeamDefense Brandon Boulger Libertyville2016
2016North Suburban1st TeamDefense Jack Dobovsky Grayslake North2017
2016North Suburban1st TeamDefense Joe Poremba Warren2016
2016North Suburban1st TeamFOGO Matt Carr Grayslake North2018
2016North Suburban1st TeamGoalie Walker Hare Libertyville2016
2016North Suburban1st TeamLS Midfield Jack Adams Lake Forest2017
2016North Suburban1st TeamMidfield Cole Johnson Lake Forest2017
2016North Suburban1st TeamMidfield Dami Oladunmoye Grayslake North2017
2016North Suburban1st TeamMidfield Jon Schlapper Libertyville2018
2016North Suburban1st TeamMidfield Charlie Walker Grayslake North2016
2016North Suburban1st TeamSSDM Jake Wright Grayslake North2016
2016North Suburban2nd TeamAttack Matt Boyle Warren2016
2016North Suburban2nd TeamAttack Cooper Brunk Grayslake Central2017
2016North Suburban2nd TeamAttack Mathew Clifford Lake Foresst2016
2016North Suburban2nd TeamDefense John Dosemagen Vernon Hills2019
2016North Suburban2nd TeamDefense Connor Polk Libertyville2016
2016North Suburban2nd TeamDefense Peter Stanfel Grayslake North2017
2016North Suburban2nd TeamFOGO Luke Herrmann Grayslake Central2016
2016North Suburban2nd TeamGoalie Kyle Dinsmore Grayslake Central2016
2016North Suburban2nd TeamLS Midfield Derek Nedland Libertyville2018
2016North Suburban2nd TeamMidfield Mac Altounian Lake Forest2016
2016North Suburban2nd TeamMidfield Scott Opal Warren2016
2016North Suburban2nd TeamMidfield Tim Spears Lake Zurich2016
2016North Suburban2nd TeamSSDM Jacob Lange Warren2017
2016North SuburbanHonorable MentionAttack Zach Khoury Warren2016
2016North SuburbanHonorable MentionAttack Joey Kries Mundelein2017
2016North SuburbanHonorable MentionAttack Jack Mislinsky Lake Forest2018
2016North SuburbanHonorable MentionAttack Matt Monaghan Grayslake North2017
2016North SuburbanHonorable MentionDefense Jake Gokan Mundelein2016
2016North SuburbanHonorable MentionDefense Ethan Masters Stevenson2016
2016North SuburbanHonorable MentionDefense Jack Sanders Libertyville2017
2016North SuburbanHonorable MentionFOGO Andrew Kim Stevenson2017
2016North SuburbanHonorable MentionFOGO Ryan Lundgren Lake Zurich2017
2016North SuburbanHonorable MentionGoalie Josh Davis Grayslake North2016
2016North SuburbanHonorable MentionLS Midfield Zach Carter Grayslake North2019
2016North SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Harrison Canaday Grayslake North2017
2016North SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Cai Hadaway Lake Zurich2018
2016North SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Brian McAuliffe Libertyville2017
2016North SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Eric Okmin Stevenson2016
2016North SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Mitch Salanty Lake Forest2016
2016North SuburbanHonorable MentionSSDM John Corridon Grayslake Central2017
2016South Suburban1st TeamAttack Matt Lowry Chiefs Lacrosse2016
2016South Suburban1st TeamAttack Ricky Smith Lincoln-Way2018
2016South Suburban1st TeamAttack Matt Spalding Minooka2017
2016South Suburban1st TeamDefense Mike Lyewski Lemont 
2016South Suburban1st TeamDefense Morgan Riley Dunlap2016
2016South Suburban1st TeamDefense Will Toman Plainfield 
2016South Suburban1st TeamFace-Off Eric Vallow Lincoln-Way2018
2016South Suburban1st TeamGoalie Grant Shaffer Lincoln-Way2018
2016South Suburban1st TeamLSM Bryan Potesta Lockport 
2016South Suburban1st TeamMidfield Tanner Nelson Dunlap2017
2016South Suburban1st TeamMidfield Matt Sak Minooka2016
2016South Suburban1st TeamMidfield Jonathan Synowiec Lockport 
2016South Suburban2nd TeamAttack Rowan Hanold Dunlap2016
2016South Suburban2nd TeamAttack Tommy Huizinga Lincoln-Way2016
2016South Suburban2nd TeamAttack Nathan Wise Lincoln-Way2017
2016South Suburban2nd TeamDefense Eddie Hanley Chiefs Lacrosse2016
2016South Suburban2nd TeamDefense Jake Jansto Lincoln-Way2017
2016South Suburban2nd TeamDefense Mike Soldan Lincoln-Way2017
2016South Suburban2nd TeamFace-Off Lorenzo Cutinello Lemont 
2016South Suburban2nd TeamGoalie Dylan Ruff Chiefs Lacrosse2016
2016South Suburban2nd TeamLSM Drake Fryman Minooka 
2016South Suburban2nd TeamMidfield Scott Lacni Lemont 
2016South Suburban2nd TeamMidfield Matt Lampasona Oak Forest2017
2016South Suburban2nd TeamMidfield Ethan Senasac Homewood-Flossmoor 
2016South SuburbanHonorable MentionAttack Brett Anderson Chiefs Lacrosse2017
2016South SuburbanHonorable MentionAttack Joe Baffoe Lemont 
2016South SuburbanHonorable MentionAttack Darek Bryja Lockport 
2016South SuburbanHonorable MentionAttack Casey Delaney Minooka 
2016South SuburbanHonorable MentionAttack Owen Ryan Oak Forest2016
2016South SuburbanHonorable MentionDefense Kevin McDevitt Lockport 
2016South SuburbanHonorable MentionDefense Brandon Morford Lockport 
2016South SuburbanHonorable MentionGoalie Ethan Griffith Dunlap2016
2016South SuburbanHonorable MentionLSM Ian McNamara Chiefs Lacrosse2017
2016South SuburbanHonorable MentionLSM Dan Mischek Oak Forest2017
2016South SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Mitch Hayatt Lincoln-Way2017
2016South SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Nick Pardo Plainfield 
2016South SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Jake Simpson Lincoln-Way2017
2016South SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Jimmy Small Lemont 
2016South SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Kathan Thomas Lincoln-Way2017
2016Suburban Christian1st TeamAttack Charlie O'Brien Immaculate Conception2018
2016Suburban Christian1st TeamAttack Zach Riban West Chicago2016
2016Suburban Christian1st TeamAttack Joseph Smagacz St. Francis2016
2016Suburban Christian1st TeamDefense Daniel Dickerson St. Francis2018
2016Suburban Christian1st TeamDefense Pat Guinan Immaculate Conception2016
2016Suburban Christian1st TeamDefense Cam Nenni Wheaton Academy2016
2016Suburban Christian1st TeamGoalie Tom Laduzinsky Wheaton Academy2018
2016Suburban Christian1st TeamLS Midfield John Fitzgerald West Chicago2016
2016Suburban Christian1st TeamMidfield Ty Collins Wheaton Academy2016
2016Suburban Christian1st TeamMidfield Sam Sidari St. Francis2018
2016Suburban Christian1st TeamMidfield Jared Weaver Marmion2016
2016Suburban Christian2nd TeamAttack Rauli Brizuela St. Francis2017
2016Suburban Christian2nd TeamAttack Ian Venard Wheaton Academy2019
2016Suburban Christian2nd TeamAttack Marc Whitaker Wheaton Academy2018
2016Suburban Christian2nd TeamDefense Christopher Ivie Marmion2016
2016Suburban Christian2nd TeamDefense Jack Palmer Wheaton Academy2016
2016Suburban Christian2nd TeamDefense Cameron Zayia West Chicago2016
2016Suburban Christian2nd TeamLSM Matt Pierson Montini2018
2016Suburban Christian2nd TeamMidfield Kade Clousing Wheaton Academy2018
2016Suburban Christian2nd TeamMidfield Max Czyzycki Immaculate Conception2017
2016Suburban Christian2nd TeamMidfield Michael Witte Marmion2016
2016Suburban ChristianHonorable MentionDefense Jim Kenneally Immaculate Conception2017
2016Suburban ChristianHonorable MentionLSM Graham Spindler Wheaton Academy2019
2016Suburban ChristianHonorable MentionMidfield Ryan Keefe St. Francis2018
2016Suburban ChristianHonorable MentionMidfield James Molitor West Chicago2016
2016Suburban ChristianHonorable MentionMidfield Brendan O'Brien Immaculate Conception2016
2016Suburban ChristianHonorable MentionMidfield Frank Stompanto St. Francis2019
2016Suburban ChristianHonorable MentionMidfield Stephen Yanan St. Francis2016
2016Upstate 81st TeamAttack Marcus Vanata Geneva2016
2016Upstate 81st TeamAttack Tyler Vogel St. Charles East2016
2016Upstate 81st TeamAttack Keegan Wells St. Charles North2016
2016Upstate 81st TeamDef Midfield Matt Valenti Bartlett2016
2016Upstate 81st TeamDefense Austin Griffin St. Charles East2016
2016Upstate 81st TeamDefense Max Lemen Geneva2016
2016Upstate 81st TeamDefense Bryce Reynolds St. Charles North2017
2016Upstate 81st TeamFOGO Joel Hardy Geneva2016
2016Upstate 81st TeamGoalie Ryan Deane Geneva2016
2016Upstate 81st TeamLS Midfield Peter Amicarelli Bartlett2016
2016Upstate 81st TeamMidfield Joe Davis St. Charles North2016
2016Upstate 81st TeamMidfield Quinn Erdmann Geneva2017
2016Upstate 81st TeamMidfield Sean Mills Batavia2017
2016Upstate 82nd TeamAttack Griffin Bellano Geneva2016
2016Upstate 82nd TeamAttack Anthony DiPerte Bartlett2016
2016Upstate 82nd TeamAttack Jack Russell St. Charles East2016
2016Upstate 82nd TeamAttack Chris Wills South Elgin2017
2016Upstate 82nd TeamDef Midfield Tom Pye St. Charles North2018
2016Upstate 82nd TeamDefense Tim Gaynor Bartlett2016
2016Upstate 82nd TeamDefense Jaden Potts St. Charles North2017
2016Upstate 82nd TeamDefense Jacob Wenokur Geneva2016
2016Upstate 82nd TeamFOGO Brett Husar St. Charles North2016
2016Upstate 82nd TeamGoalie Blake Markett St. Charles North2016
2016Upstate 82nd TeamGoalie Mitch Van Sickle St. Charles East2016
2016Upstate 82nd TeamLS Midfield Kevin Sabers St. Charles North2016
2016Upstate 82nd TeamMidfield Drew Martin Bartlett2017
2016Upstate 82nd TeamMidfield Lucas Segobianno St. Charles North2018
2016Upstate 8Honorable MentionAttack Jared Henion St. Charles North2017
2016Upstate 8Honorable MentionAttack Joe Merchut Bartlett2016
2016Upstate 8Honorable MentionAttack Daniel Sterne Batavia2018
2016Upstate 8Honorable MentionDef Midfield Josh Fischer Batavia2018
2016Upstate 8Honorable MentionDefense Reinier Descoteaux Geneva2016
2016Upstate 8Honorable MentionDefense Andrew Henning Batavia2016
2016Upstate 8Honorable MentionDefense Austin Newman St. Charles East2016
2016Upstate 8Honorable MentionFOGO Joey Cipriani South Elgin2018
2016Upstate 8Honorable MentionGoalie Ryan Gartner South Elgin2018
2016Upstate 8Honorable MentionLS Midfield William Walker Geneva2017
2016Upstate 8Honorable MentionMidfield Jacob Collins St. Charles East2018
2016Upstate 8Honorable MentionMidfield Matthew Peruba Geneva2016
2016Upstate 8Honorable MentionMidfield Brandon Tomczyk Bartlett2018
2016Upstate 8Honorable MentionMidfield Jaren Wells South Elgin2018
2016West Suburban1st TeamAttack Jack Buckley York2016
2016West Suburban1st TeamAttack Carl Nelson Glenbard West2016
2016West Suburban1st TeamAttack Ken Van Spankeren Oak Park River Forest2016
2016West Suburban1st TeamDefense Cam Debrotka York2016
2016West Suburban1st TeamDefense Matt Rindler Glenbard West2016
2016West Suburban1st TeamDefense Jack Walton Lyons Township2017
2016West Suburban1st TeamGoalie Tommy Angelos York2016
2016West Suburban1st TeamLS Midfield Grujic Matteo York2016
2016West Suburban1st TeamMidfield Quinn Gaughan York2016
2016West Suburban1st TeamMidfield Kyle Hyland Hinsdale Central2016
2016West Suburban1st TeamMidfield Zak Marinko Hinsdale Central2016
2016West Suburban2nd TeamAttack Blaise Bishop Glenbard West2018
2016West Suburban2nd TeamAttack Charlie Kidder Lyons Township2017
2016West Suburban2nd TeamAttack Grant Zielke York2016
2016West Suburban2nd TeamDefense Hank Knez Glenbard West2019
2016West Suburban2nd TeamDefense John Kwasigroch Hinsdale Central2017
2016West Suburban2nd TeamDefense Sam Rasnic York2016
2016West Suburban2nd TeamGoalie Spencer Samson Glenbard West2017
2016West Suburban2nd TeamLS Midfield Robbie Kress Hinsdale Central2018
2016West Suburban2nd TeamLS Midfield Jack O'Grady Glenbard West2018
2016West Suburban2nd TeamMidfield Rob Bystry Glenbard West2017
2016West Suburban2nd TeamMidfield Austin Carmody Lyons Township2017
2016West Suburban2nd TeamMidfield Zach Figura Downers Grove2017
2016West SuburbanHonorable MentionAttack Jack Meagher Lyons Township2019
2016West SuburbanHonorable MentionAttack Spencer Ukrin Downers Grove2018
2016West SuburbanHonorable MentionAttack Joe Werner Oak Park River Forest2016
2016West SuburbanHonorable MentionDefense Jack Cain Hinsdale Central2019
2016West SuburbanHonorable MentionDefense Dominic Rafael Lyons Township2016
2016West SuburbanHonorable MentionDefense Danny Riley Glenbard West2016
2016West SuburbanHonorable MentionGoalie Mike Mullins Oak Park River Forest2017
2016West SuburbanHonorable MentionGoalie Joe Robello Lyons Township2017
2016West SuburbanHonorable MentionLS Midfield Mikey Beacom Downers Grove2017
2016West SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Jake Leffel Glenbard West2017
2016West SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Colin Parker Hinsdale Central2017
2016West SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Kenny Sidoryk York2016
2016West SuburbanHonorable MentionMidfield Mike Zawlocki Downers Grove2016